How to Create A Windows 7 Repair CD


Every Microsoft issued a new operating system, they claim that the operating system is more stable than its predecessor. Even so, you never know when a stable system will have problems. It would be better if you do anticipate in order to minimize the impact by Windows 7 when having problems.

One solution preparation you can do to anticipate the damage is to create a Windows 7 repair CD that can be used to boot the operating system currently experiencing problems. Windows 7 has a feature that can be used to create a CD repair with easy steps.

Step it works is as follows:

  • Click Start, type system repair disc and then click Create a System Repair Disc.


  • Will go out the window Create a System Repair Disc. Select the disc media will be used.


  • Insert a blank CDs in the DVD / CD RW and proceed to click the Create disc button.
  • When finished, remove the CDs that you created from DVD / CD RW

Now you have CDs that can be used as a dis repair Windows 7 on your computer or notebook.

Then, how to use the repair disc that has been made​​?

  • Booting your computer or notebook using the CDs that you created. Select Windows Setup [EMS Enabled] to enter the menu system repair.


  • Once the boot process is complete, you can access the System Recovery Options tool and restore the system image file that you created earlier. (Read our previous article on How to How to Create a System Image in Windows 7).


  • Now you can choose the type of recovery that will be run to restore the operating system Windows 7 on a notebook or PC in accordance with the conditions you face system damage. If you want to use a system image that you created, click System Image Recovery and follow the steps beriutnya ssuai with the instructions provided.


While it is never desirable, you will never know when the windows 7 operating system encountered a problem. A wise move if you take the time to make a repair CD that will be useful when your notebook or PC in trouble.


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