Create WiFi LAN Between Laptop With Wifi / Wireless Ad Hoc Connection In Windows Vista or 7

If you want lan among laptop users, maybe this article can be very useful for you :).
Because in this pots, I discussed how to make a LANconnection between the laptop using a wireless (usually this trick is called an ad hoc connection)
Okay, no strings attached, please follow these steps :
OS: Windows 7 / Vista

The main way of setting up the laptop.
– Right click on the Wireless Network icon located on the taskbar(bottom right corner of the desktop).
– Select Open Network and Sharing Center
– See change your networking settings
– Click set up a new connection or network
– Select set up a wireless ad hoc (computer-to-computer) networkand then click next and next again
– Fill up your Network name.
– The security type select No Authentication (Open).
– While in the security key just leave blank
– Save this network
– The last click next, wait a minute, then close. This means that adhoc wireless connection has been created.

Another laptop is ready to connect the connection .. Easy right?
Good luck. 🙂


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