How to Download Mozilla Firefox Without Web Browser??

Web browser is the primary application for browsing. Each of us search for information, submit an online application, play a little game online, download movies and more are always using a web browser. Web browsers here could be Internet Explorer, Opera, Safari, Google Chrome or Firefox. Then, what if the computers we have not found a web browser? Or it could be a web browser error that we commonly use to open a web page could not?

The main solution is to go to the cafe (Or you can also borrow a friends laptop) and download a web browser. What if we are in haste, or not allowed to go to the cafe to download Mozilla Firefox? If you are still thinking about an internet connection, without any web browser you can download Firefox manually using the command prompt.

How can it be? Just follow these instructions:

  • Make sure your computer / notebook you connected to Internet.
  • Open a command prompt (In short, click the Start button, Run, type CMD and hit the enter key).
  • Type ftp and press the enter key.
  • Continue by typing open
  • When prompted to enter a username, type anonymous. When asked the password, do not type anything, immediately press the enter key. You will get the message if the login was successful.
  • After that go to the directory where mozilla firefox by typing cd then press enter.
  • Type ls (Letter L and the letter S), then press the enter key. If you see a list of recent releases of mozilla firefox, then you made it into the folder / directory is.
  • Change the ftp mode to the image by typing type image and then press the enter key.
  • Change local working directory to the D drive (or another drive to your liking) by typing lcd d: (The letters L, C and D followed by the name of the drive and folder) and then press the enter key.
  • After writing the work directory, type get “Firefox Setup 4.0.1.exe” and then press the enter key (note lowercase big and small, including the quotation marks because ftp uses Linux technologies that recognize case sensitive). Wait until the download is complete.
  • If the download is complete, you will see on the D drive will have the latest version of Firefox installer file.
  • If all processes have finished, exit the ftp by typing bye and then press the enter key.

Now you can get firefox without having to use a web browser. This alternative can beused if you have a web browser error that forced you to install a new web browser. If you want more detail the steps above, you can see image below.


Q) Why can not I login?
A) Use the anonymous user with no password to log into mozilla public file. Repeatseveral times until you get into the public file.

Q) I’ve typed cd, why not get into thefirefox folder?
A) Because mozilla uses several mirror sites, then chances are you go to a folderdifferent mirror site. Try adding the folder pub at the front so that the cdpub/

Q) I’ve tried everything, why can not yet too?
A) Try the above steps carefully, repeat once or several times again.

Q) I’ve tried everything, why can not yet too?
A) Go to the cafe and download the mozilla firefox as usual, using a web browser.

These tips can also be used as a reference to learning basic FTP commands andcan be implemented on all platforms, be it Windows, Linux and Mac OS.

Happy trying and Good Luck.. 😀


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