Tips To Avoid Virus Windows

Here is the tips to avoid the virus come inside your windows system..

1. Turning off autorun facility

Just a review, this facility is when we enter the media (flash, CD / DVD, etc) into a computer, then windows will automatically load and remove the autorun window. These facilities are often used to spread viruses themselves automatically, especially through the flash, so do not be surprised now the flash is the main spreader virus.

By turning off the autorun facility of this, the viruses most of which utilize the new facility in Windows XP it will be difficult to run itself, unless it is executed manually.

We can turn off this facility, the way it is:
START> RUN> type in gpedit.msc then OK

Then the Group Policy window pops up

In this window we want to go first to:
Local Computer Policy> Computer Configuration> Administrative Templates> System

Then on the right search box called Turn off Autoplay items, double click on the item, and then the dialog box appears. Change the settings in the dialog box that originally sign marks on NOT configured to be enabled, then the box “Turn off Autoplay on” select “All drives” and then OK.

Do the same thing at the following locations:
Local Computer Policy> User Configuration> Administrative Templates> System

2. Using XP-AntiSpy Software

For this second step we need the help of software, ie XP-AntiSpy
XP-Antispy software, is a small software that functions to disable some windows setting that is not needed, based on what we want. Here we presented a lot of settings to be determined. But the more safe option Suggested use, or the recommended setting. With this software then we can disable some settings that may be used to spread viruses or mallware her computer.

One of them is to disable the setting “Hide Extensions for Known File types”, to disable this setting we can see all the extension of a file. Lots of Local viruses that hide themselves by using the dual extension, so the setting was meant to be able to see the extension from a file, if a file has two extensions that possibility is a virus, such as komputer.doc.vbs.

3. Do any open files

Do not open any files that have not we met before, do not immediately attracted to the smell of porn files, or other interesting things. REMEMBER The virus will only be spread if the body / the file is executed, so do not carelessly open-open the file, such as the above clearly seen a file has two extensions, then do not open.

4. Use Limited Accounts / Guest Only

Using a Limited User Account or Guest, it could minimize the possibility of entry of virus into our computer. Because the virus needs to change the administrator account to change the files in the computer or the registry, so even if the virus can enter and infect, he’s just tinkering with the files and registry from a limited user to wait for administrator enabled. We can eliminate it with mendelete files and account from Limited Account earlier.

5. Perform Windows Update

Windows has a security update that every periodic updates will be done, aims to increase the security gaps.

Thanks for reading 😀


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