2 Cool Plugins To Make Guest Blogging Easy

Guest blogging! It’s crazy everywhere, people like to see their articles published in other’s blog. Through which both the contributor and the site’s admin get benefit. How?

The contributor gets more traffic, exposure and backlinks(if he/she has added a link in their guest posts) when his post is published, whereas the site’s admin gets a post to keep his blog updated. Though guest blogging is done on almost every wordpress powered blogs, still wordpress haven’t taken any steps to improve this part. Sad!


What is missing in wordpress?
WordPress never gives you an alert when there is a new post in pending queue. There is another little feature missing! It won’t let the contributor know if the post is published or rejected. The only way they can find the status of their post is checking the homepage everyday to see if their post is published or they can contact the blog’s administrator. Unfortunately, sometimes their e-mails get buried when you get lots of emails. So you may not be able to tell them about their post’s status.

But let’s not forget the plugins, here in this post I will share two cool plugins which will make you guest blogging very easy for you in your blog.

1. Peter’s Collaboration Email Plugin
Peter’s Collaboration E-mail is a real cool plugin which I use. When a Contributor submits an article for review, this plugin will e-mails a list of approvers of your choice(which can be configured from the admin side), letting them know that there is a post waiting for review, and giving them a link to edit the post which helps the moderators to reach the post quickly.

If an article is approved, then the contributor who wrote that article will receive an email letting them know that their post has been approved and it also let them know who approved it.

When the post is published the contributor receives an email which gives them the link to the post so that they can check it out. If the article is scheduled to be published, the contributor will be informed of the time that their post will go live. Cool isn’t it?

If the post’s status is changed from “Pending” to “Draft” the contributor will receive an email about this and will be given the link to the draft post, so that the contributor can edit the article and re-submit it for review.

Download Peter’s Collaboration Email Plugin

2. WP Pending Post Notifier
I don’t know why this plugin has been stopped developing, anyways, its still available and working! This plugin is little similar to Peter’s collaboration e-mail plugin but not with all of it features.

WP Pending Post Notifier, alerts the administrator or moderator when there is a post waiting to be reviewed. It alerts the authors when their post is accepted or reject. That’s it.

Download WP Pending Post Notifier

It’s now you who have to select which one is needed for your blog, both helps. From my part of view, Peter’s collaboration e-mail plugin is good as it has more features and still being developed.

Hope it was helpful :)


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